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December 2012

One On One: Robert B. Tucker

By Susan Sarfati, CAE
  • Build in more social networking with longer breaks; mix-and-match icebreakers; spot-me badges that identify attendees with similar needs/interests; sponsored events that mix vendors, existing clients, and new prospects; conversation areas in exhibits; and slideshows with conference pictures. 
  • In a world in sensory overload, sell the need before you sell your conference program. Like movie trailers, provide a picture of the threats, emerging unexpected trends, and short segments from speakers previewing fears and opportunities. Let them know they can’t afford to miss what will be provided. 
  • Spouse and family programs consistently increase attendee loyalty. Provide programming that serves their interests.
For more on Robert B. Tucker, visit For more on the Elite Retreat, visit  To watch YouTube highlights from the Elite Retreat, visit

Susan Sarfati, CAE, is CEO of High Performance Strategies LLC (, which focuses on organizational assessments, innovative thinking in organizational strategy, leadership and management, moving from ideas to execution, and building a human-focused learning culture. She served as CEO of The Greater Washington Society of Association Executives. She can be reached at

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