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January 2013

Meeting Management: Medical - Physicians, Heal Thyselves

By Elise Oberliesen
the healthcare system.”

Elise Oberliesen is a journalist and principal of Big Mountain Media, based in Westminster, Colo.

Breakout: Preventing Physician Burnout

The Osler Symposium also provides medical education, networking, and a provocative lineup of sessions and activities geared toward physician health and well-being. Medical-conference professional Janice Mancuso launched the event in May 2011; the second symposium was held Oct. 20-23,2012, in San Diego.

Mancuso said the conference “has been thoughtfully designed to appeal to physicians who are experiencing burnout and/or are contemplating leaving medicine, as well as those who simply need time to ‘recharge’ their batteries.” The program addresses the reality of physicians’ long days and heavy patient loads with breakout sessions such as “Applying the New Science of Happiness,” “Learn the Lessons of Social Intelligence,” and “Reflective Writing and Healing.”

Satkirin Khalsa, M.D., is a fan of the Osler Symposium, which covers a broader range of stress-reduction techniques than her Mountain Pose Medicine and Yoga Symposium. Khalsa said: “[The Osler Symposium] … incorporates endeavors and hobbies and interests like journaling, poetry, music, and other creative pursuits… to remember our passion as individuals, which enhances balance in life and wellness overall.”

More Resources

Learn more about the Mountain Pose Medicine and Yoga Symposium at convn.org/mountain-pose.

For more information on the Osler Symposium, visit oslersymposia.org.

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